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Tsweetswee Mafoko a ke a dirisitseng ga a siamela babadi ba ba sa kgoneng go itshwara ebile ga a lekana ba ba dingwaga di ko tlase ga Ebile o bo na le mongwe fa gaufi yo o ka go tswang thuso. O seka wa ithotela pliz. Language : Extremely Explicit!!!!!!!!!! Dumela tsala,Waitse ke tshaba le le go di anega. Di tlhabisa ditlhong tsala. Anyway, mme ke go dumedise. Ga se mang le mang yo o ka utlwang monate o ke o utluleng. Mosimane waaka Mike a ntaletsa lenyalong la chomi ya gagwe kwa Mochudi last Saturday.

La goroga letsatsi leo, tsala. Ka bona go le botoka gore ke laletse chomi e nngwe yame jaana gatwe Tiny ka ane a re etetse for weekend. Ka go ne go fisa, ke ne ke apere t-shirt le skirt same sese short ka G-string e black. Jwa bonwa bojalwa that day, chomi!

Cooler box e ne e tletse ka St. Lenyalo le ne le le monate. Nna le Tiny re ne re itshwere ka di-Smirnoff Spin. Fa re nntse re enwa ka utlwa le nna gore e monate Spin. Ka bo-five ke ne kele horny 2 much. Mathaka a ne a nntse mo godimo ga letlapa baa nwa. Mike ene o ne a nntse godimo ga Cooler-box. Ka koloi e ne e le mo moriting, ka tsena ka fa sithing ya driver ka nna maoto a le kwa ntle.

Ka bula dirope ka bomo gore Mike a bone gannyane. Mike o ne a nja ka matlho. A metsa mathe. Ka bo eight bosigo ra tsena tseleng ra leba back to Gabs. Ka moo ke neng ke nole ka teng, ra bona botoka ele gokopa Steve gore e nne driver. O ne a nntse le Papas. Tebogo le Tiny ba nntse sithing e latelang. Nna le Mike waka ra itshware ka back-sit.

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Mo koloing Mike a simolola go mphoraphora, a nkhisa a sa fetse. Ka utlwa madi aka a tsamaya le mmele. A mphoraphora matswele, labofelo a tsenya letsogo ka gafa tlase ga t-shirt yame gore a letshware monate letswele. Ka utlwa a setse a mona le lerama la aka, molala asa o tlogele. Ka eo nako, kuku yaaka e ne e setse e le metsi over. Ke tsewa tsewa ke monate. A tsenya letsogo ka fa tlase ga sekete. A simolola a phoraphora kuku ya ka.

Ka utlwa a bula Panty yaaka ka menwana, a tsenya o mongwe ka gare ga kuku e metsi.Lesothocountry in Southern Africa. A scenic land of tall mountains and narrow valleys, Lesotho owes a long history of political autonomy to the mountains that surround it and protect it from encroachment. Since the Neolithic Periodthe mountain kingdom was the domain of Khoisan -speaking hunter-gatherers.

In the 19th century the Sotholed by Moshoeshoe Itook control of the region. It remained independent until it became a British protectorateone of three British High Commission Territories the others being Bechuanaland [now Botswana ] and Swaziland.

Completely encircled by the Republic of South Africa but separated from it by forbidding mountain ranges, Lesotho has endured decades of turbulent politics, periodic economic crises, and grinding poverty since gaining its independence from Great Britain in Though culturally conservative in the main, the people of the country welcomed the modernization programs begun in the s, which have brought new wealth to the country but at the cost of much environmental damage.

Maybe if there is one day enough for the hunger to stop, we can stop being so jealous of one another. If the jealousy is no more, we can begin to have dreams for each other. Like only two other independent states in the world Vatican City and the Republic of San MarinoLesotho is completely encircled by another country, on which it must depend for access to the outside world.

Two-thirds of Lesotho consists of mountains. The highest peak, Mount Ntlenyanais 11, feet 3, metres above sea level.

Kuku - Mamelodi

The Drakensberg range forms the eastern boundary with KwaZulu-Natal. The Maloti spurs of the Drakensberg, running north and south, join the main range in the north, forming a plateau from 9, to 10, feet 2, to 3, metres in elevation.

Three other important rivers in Lesotho are the Senqunyane in the centre of the country, the Kometspruit in the southwest, and the Matsoku in the northeast. The foothills, with elevations averaging between 6, and 7, feet 1, and 2, metresdescend in undulating slopes to the west, where the lowlands bordering Free State rise to elevations of 5, to 6, feet 1, to 1, metres.

The mountain soils are of basaltic origin and are shallow but rich. The soils of the lowlands derive mainly from the underlying sandstone. Extensive erosion has severely damaged soils throughout the country. Precipitation, brought by the prevailing winds, occurs mostly between October and April and is variable; the annual average is about 28 inches mmwith amounts decreasing from east to west.

Hail is a frequent summer hazard. Frost occurs widely in the winter, when the Maloti Mountains are usually snowcapped. Lesotho is largely covered in grasses, although trees also appear on the landscape. Indigenous trees include Cape willows, cheche bush used for fueland wild olives.Along with the Vatican City and San Marinoit is one of only three independent states completely surrounded by the territory of another country, and the only one outside the Italian peninsula or that is not a microstate.

kuku e lesotho

Its capital and largest city is Maseru. The official language is Sesotho. Lesotho was previously the British Crown Colony of Basutolandbut it declared independence from the United Kingdom on 4 October The name Lesotho roughly translates to "the land of the people who speak Sesotho". The original inhabitants of the area now known as Lesotho were the San people. Examples of their rock art can be found in the mountains throughout the area. Moshoeshoe, a son of Mokhachane, a minor chief of the Bakoteli lineage, formed his own clan and became a chief around Between andhe and his followers settled at the Butha-Buthe Mountain, joining with former adversaries in resistance against the Lifaqane associated with the reign of Shaka Zulu from to Further evolution of the state emerged from conflicts between British Empire and Dutch colonists leaving the Cape Colony following its seizure from the French-allied Dutch by the British inand also from the Orange River Sovereignty and subsequent Orange Free State.

Casalis, acting as translator and providing advice on foreign affairs, helped set up diplomatic channels and acquire guns for use against the encroaching Europeans and the Griqua people. Trekboers from the Cape Colony arrived on the western borders of Basutoland and claimed rights to its land, the first of which being Jan de Winnaar, who settled in the Matlakeng area in May—June Incoming Boers attempted to colonise the land between the two rivers and even north of the Caledonclaiming that it had been abandoned by the Sotho people.

These outraged Boers were suppressed in a brief skirmish in Ina British force was defeated by the Basotho army at Kolonyama, provoking an embarrassing war for the British.

After repelling another British attack inMoshoeshoe sent an appeal to the British commander that settled the dispute diplomatically, and then defeated the Batlokoa in Inthe British pulled out of the region, and inMoshoeshoe fought a series of wars with the Boers in what is known as the Free State—Basotho War. As a result, Moshoeshoe lost a great portion of the western lowlands. The last war with the Boers ended in when Moshoeshoe appealed to Queen Victoriawho agreed to make Basutoland a British protectorate in Inthe British signed a treaty at Aliwal North with the Boers that defined the boundaries of Basutoland.

This treaty effectively reduced Moshoeshoe's kingdom to half its previous size by ceding away its western territories. Following the cession inthe British transferred functions from Moshoeshoe's capital in Thaba Bosiu to a police camp on the northwest border, Maseruuntil eventually the administration of Basutoland was transferred to the Cape Colony in Moshoeshoe died on 11 Marchmarking the end of the traditional era and the beginning of the colonial era of Basutoland.

He was buried at Thaba Bosiu. In the early years of British rule between andBasutoland was treated similarly to other territories that had been forcibly annexed, much to the humiliation of the Basotho, leading to the Basuto Gun War in InBasutoland was restored as a protectorate with Maseru as its capital, but remained under direct rule by a governorthough effective internal power was wielded by traditional tribal chiefs.

Basutoland gained its independence from Britain and became the Kingdom of Lesotho in Deprived of arms and supplies by the Sibeko faction of the PAC inthe strong LLA was rescued from their Tanzanian base by the financial assistance of a Maoist PAC officer, but they launched the guerrilla war with only a handful of old weapons. The main force was defeated in northern Lesotho, and later guerrillas launched sporadic but usually ineffectual attacks.

In the early s, several Basotho who sympathised with the exiled BCP were threatened with death and attacked by the government of Leabua Jonathan. On 4 Septemberthe family of Benjamin Masilo was attacked. In the attack his 3-year-old grandson died.

Exactly four days later, Edgar Mahlomola Motuba, the editor of the popular newspaper Leselinyana la Lesothowas abducted from his home together with two friends and murdered. The BNP ruled from until January The women reportedly refused to clear the road and some are said to have screamed insults at motorists.

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Some of the women were dressed in bikinis while others were completely naked, according to eyewitnesses. We could not stop the organisers of the event as the Public Meetings and Processions Act protects them but a person who dresses in an indecent manner in the view of the public commits an offence. He said they were aware that more beach parties were being planned this festive season but police would arrest anyone stripping naked and charge them with public indecency.

Masupha also revealed that there was a bar in Maseru that has been having striptease sessions. The police spokesperson said the campaign will also target bars that remain open beyond the hours stipulated by their licences.

To curb this police will patrol the roads together with doctors who will use breathalyzers to detect whether drivers are drunk or not. He said last year over people died in road accidents. Lesotho's widely read newspaper, published every Thursday and distributed throughout the country and in some parts of South Africa. Contact us today: News: editor lestimes. Troubled MKM creditors want judge out. Law Society urges PM to probe graft in judiciary.

Kuku e monate

Judge urges govt to clampdown social media. Naked women block traffic in Maseru Local News News. By Lesotho Times On Dec 8, Lesotho Times posts 0 comments. You might also like More from author. Coronavirus News. Prev Next.

kuku e lesotho

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kuku e lesotho

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Kemofilwe je nna James Pompo call me during the day on and when u call say JP i will know. Ke kentse bottle ya Savannah Ka nyoaneng yaka nou as i am typing;E sarollotse nyoana mme malwebe a penyoleile. Wutsup me hao batla ho bona nyoana e penyotsweng ke bottle ya Savannah Ka morao.A foreign national wishing to enter Lesotho must obtain a visa unless they are a citizen of one of the eligible visa exempt countries. Nationals of the following 49 countries and jurisdictions do not require a visa to enter Lesotho for visits up to 90 days: [1] [2].

Nationals of the following 22 countries and jurisdictions do not require a visa to enter Lesotho for visits up to 14 days: [2] [1]. Nationals of China holding diplomatic or service passports do not require a visa. Lesotho introduced an e-Visa system on 1 May Electronic visas are processed within 72 hours.

Visitors with a single-entry visa to Lesotho may remain for a maximum period of 44 days. Visitors must apply for an extension if their stay is prolonged.

There are no transit facilities in Lesotho. Most visitors arriving to Lesotho were from the following countries of nationality: [11]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Policy on permits required to enter Lesotho. Human rights LGBT rights. King Letsie III. Senate President National Assembly Speaker. Administrative divisions. Districts Community councils.

Recent elections General: Foreign relations. Other countries. Visa exempt for 90 days. Visa exempt for 14 days. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it.Well, my comment here does not mean I completely agree with you.

Now, tell me, have you seen a guy wearing a jean and no underwear? Well, maybe it is because I am now in CPt, capital city of Queers? Have you seen those ladies with stretch marks getting off in the Taxi?

Have you seen someone picking up something on the floor and look at what is exposed to you? The bottom line is, our peers don't wear underwear, one of my friend does not wear an underwear at all, especially when he is wearing a jean.

kuku e lesotho

Again you ask yourself, is this thing that causes rape in the country? Well, I can spend days talking about this. You will definitely get interesting and weird answers from the question you pose there my friend.

Now people think they have right and they can do as they want, well, flash news, respect your rights first before you can have any other person respecting your rights. For example, Kelly has the right not to wear a brief and "Sam" also think he's got a right to exercise his manhood on what he saw from Kelly. That is how we think, and this thinking is killing us. Maybe we are or maybe we are just experimenting what it feels like having to be like just the way we were born!

Post a comment. Wednesday, 14 November Kelly Khumalo shows off her virginity to those with eyes to see!

This is not an insult to any women or female but a disgusted man talking here! Women of South Africa need to wake up, if they are asleep, and talk about these things that not only affect them now but are likely to affect the future of their children too. What have we become? Have we lost our senses and dignity long before we even knew we had lost it?

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Where are we heading to and do we really know where we are going if can hardly tell where we are? Somebody else needs to say something! This is not an attack on any women — but just a concern of what kind of a parent, sister, aunt, and grandma you are and likely to become! Get a grip! Just grown up please especially when it comes to what you put or not put on like Kelly just did!

Your clothes or clothes not, just say a lot about you. By the way - becareful with your "right" to wear whatever you want! Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.